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When you see someone wearing a shirt of your favorite band


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To one of the biggest inspirations of my life.  For everything you stand for and everything you do.  We celebrate you.

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David Eric Grohl:

Happy 45th

grunge-n-grohl: "i just came across your blog and HOLY SHIT ITS BRILLIANT. My favourite bands are Red hot chili peppers and Foo Fighters... Dave Grohl is phenomenal and Back and Forth is amazing (i have it on dvd and watchy it nonstop). Everlong is my favourite song ever. Metallica and Nirvana are freakin awesome too."

thank you so much! haha you have great taste in music, i’m glad you like my blog <3 

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All hail, King Grohl.

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Anonymous: "Hey can you please link me to where those gifs are from where Dave's daughter wants to go swimming? I'd love to watch it, thanks :)"

Those are from the Foo Fighters documentary, Back and Forth. The whole thing used to be on youtube but it got taken down a while ago, sorry! 

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Play live. If you’re really fucking good, people will take notice.